Wedding is a great event in the life of each couple, newlyweds want to make it memorable and vivid.
You are worried – you want everything to be at the highest level so nothing could overshadow your wedding and you and your guests could keep in memory this bright festivity of happiness.
Hall design, great sound, top-class service, excellent cuisine!
Even a little problem can spoil the impression of the wedding. We take serious approach to these issues, so nothing could overshadow the festive atmosphere of marriage.
We will help you to manage this great event vividly, that it will not be forgotten either by you or your guests.
All guests will see the entertaining speech of toastmaster because of convenient location of tables.
We can organize national weddings as well with all traditions keeping in mind wishes of our dear customers.
Live music, decorations with flowers, balloons, cloth, wedding cake, loaf, original artists, photo- and videographers will make your wedding unforgettable!


Would you like to set up birthday or enjoy a lavish banquet? We can help you! Our cuisine offers variety of dishes including specialties and dishes cooked over an open fire, cold and hot appetizers, flavorful soups, salads, drinks and cocktails. Desserts aren’t forgotten as well. You’ll love cuisine of different countries, professional serving, great music, including a live performance, cozy atmosphere and qualitative service for your anniversary or banquet.
We will hold corporate events and parties at the same high level.
It’s possible to manage children's afternoon party, too.
Children will not get bored because of hilarious clowns, games, entertainment, circus acts with animals and birds. Meantime adults can enjoy fine dining and socializing.
We can comfortably accommodate up to 150 people and give cozy festivity atmosphere!